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Dear sound lover. 

May we have your attention... 

(h)ear festival 2022 - adventurous sounds from the Low Lands 

What: (h)ear festival 2022 
Where: Savelbergklooster | Gasthuisstraat 2 Heerlen (NL) 
When: Saturday September 3rd 
Who: Mia Zabelka | Baudouin Oosterlynck | daniel duchamP | Floris Vanhoof | Jean D.L. | Kris Vanderstraeten | P-ART | Mike Kramer 
Time: open 14:00 uur | start 14:15 uur | end 19:00 
Tickets: € 15,00 via

(h)ear festival offers an up-to-date overview from the realm of sounds. The 2022 edition presents various sound artists who know how to optimally reflect between the past and the future. 

The program shows a fantastic bill with artists mainly from Belgium. Our neighbors have a rich and long tradition in the field of experimental and adventurous sound research. Some of them can be found on the recently released DVD '10xOPEN', which contains exclusive audio and video works. This release will be given extra attention during the festival. Exceptions to the program are your host and the Austrian Mia Zabelka. However, they are both praised by their Belgian colleagues for their qualities. 

We hope to receive you on September 3rd. 

micro [ scopie ]                                                           edition ( 2021


Presentation of the book published on the occasion of the artist’s exhibitions in the private space for contemporary art Kamer Negen/ K9 - Rixensart and the A.Galerie - Brussels ( 2022). 


The leporello edition contains: writings/ drawings, photography of a performance by the artist Dominique Vermeesch (, text by François Delvoye, anthropologist + a 7" vinyl of four titles in collaboration with daniel duchamP 


Download whole tracks, contact:

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